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Online, knowing who you're really buying from is critical to your business.


Read this amazing story, then check out our video.

CLICK HERE for a good place to start.

LEARN WHY in these excerpts from a reference letter we received from one of our happy clients, who originally went with a competitor.

Michael Steg wrote:

. . . we decided to contract a company in California that specialized in producing animated explainer videos. Their website portfolio looked great and their online reviews were top notch. Plus it didn't hurt that they were among the more cost-effective options we had researched.

. . . when I opened the storyboard I was extremely underwhelmed.

It was clear to us that the person who was in charge of creating the storyboard had no concept of what our product was about, even though I had spent more than an hour on the phone with their account rep . . .

Six months, 7 storyboard revisions and two account managers later, I was still no closer to getting my changes made to the storyboard so that we could got to the production stage of the video.

SVV logo orange ee4323 1920 png.png

. . . this project, which was supposed to take no longer than a month, was preventing us from launching our new website . . . So I had to cut my losses and find someone who could take what I had so far and build a video out of it.

That's when I found Story Vision Video and Dennis Dean.

He emailed me the same day . . .

. . . after I checked his references (no online reviews for me this time), we decided to contract him.


Within a week, he had the first 30 seconds of the video completed for me to review.

I loved it!

A week later he had completed the video - all 120 seconds of it - and I loved that too! Just a couple of small tweaks and we were ready to post our video on YouTube and on our website.

I couldn't believe the difference between Dennis' work and the garbage that the other company was trying (to sell) as a storyboard.

The references I contacted all spoke very highly of Dennis; and now I knew why. He understands animated videos and how to translate your needs into visual masterpieces.

My entire experience with Dennis and his creative team was a joy and I couldn't be happier with the results.

While the price we paid was a bit more than the initial company we contracted, it wasn't anywhere near the highest bidder.

I would recommend Story Vision Video and the Dennis Dean Group to anyone who wants a great animated video at a great price and appreciates working with professionals.

Michael Steg,
Managing Director, Tri-City Retail Systems

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My Promise:

No one will take a more personal interest in your success than Story Vision Video.



Call or send your business email to me and ask for REFERENCES.


I'll send you the names and numbers of customers you can talk with.

You'll hear the difference.


Dennis Dean

Chief Creative Officer

Story Vision Video

Call my Cell: 414-405-8197

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