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We're only as good as our clients say . . .

See How We Rescued One Company
from the clutches of an evil competitor, saving their video
and putting their website back on track.
Read what they write...

“Gosh! This turned out amazing!!!”

Shelby DeWulf

Director of Corporate Marketing


"Wow, you definitely OVERDELIVERED on that one Dean!!! My business partner (silent) actually spoke up and couldn't stop raving. Thank you. That was exactly the change I was hoping for. You read my mind!!!"

Edward Totland, Doctor Gauge

Wow - very impressive. I'm so happy we moved forward with this. I love the story, and the flow of the video.

Dodi Gaba, NVO Components

"Wow! I love it! Working with professionals makes such a difference. (You can use that on your website if you want :) ). The voice-over is great, the music works perfectly."

Michael Steg, Tri-City Retail Systems

“The video turned out great. I really appreciate the extra effort. We try a lot of different marketing ideas. Some work some don't. It's already apparent, after three days, Story Vision works!

Thanks again, will be doing more soon.”

Tom D’Amico, American Flags Express  


 “Thanks again for absolutely everything.

You and your team have made this a very easy, pleasant experience.” 

Maureen Sparks, OREQ Corp


“…the video is truly a work of art. It tells my story and needs no changes. It’s a wrap.”

Bill Cunningham – Cunningham Coupon Systems

I’ve got to tell you -- very impressed with the process and be happy to provide a testimonial for your website etc. about value and quality and service. Look forward to continuing the biz relationship and thanks again!”  
Alan Hale, Golf There

This is sooo cool! We love it.”

Yolanda from Nomacorc

It's brilliant. Wow, thanks for getting it done this week! And it is incredibly good. Just what we need. Great job!”

Jamie Edmondson, James M Pleasants Co


“This is Great! Really hits the mark. Lets go with it!”

Ken Thomas, Envisor Consulting


“(Story Vision Video) did the whiteboard video and, as I mentioned, were AMAZING, basically creating us three videos in a week and through it all they were wonderful.”

Katherine Olaksen, Texas Medical Center


“Love it! Love it! Thanks again for all your efforts in both meeting our requested edits and timeline.  So proud of the finished product!”

Lori Piening, Drawloop Technologies


Great work!!!

James Roberson, Drawloop Technologies


“We viewed the video and it looks GREAT!



“We had such a great response to our first Story Vision Video, that we’re ready to produce another!

Be’Anka Ashaolu, SS8 Cyber Intelligence Solutions


You created a video for us on our critical illness product a while ago (January, “Meet Dave”) and we loved it, so we’re back with another one.

Kirk Spellman, Assurity Life


“I defer to the Doctor!  You know your medium and you did a great job of understanding our gig.”

Greg Woodman, Affinity Connection


“Thanks again Dennis.  You and your team were great to work with.”

Douglas Louie, Model N / Revvy CPQ


“The product received all VERY high appraise.”  "Perfect!"  "Terrific" “This is absolutely brilliant!  Great work.”

Jacob Birmingham, KiDebit


“Great Video. Awesome. Super. You nailed it !!!

Clarence Dean, Life Insurance Advance


“Thanks again for creating such an awesome video. We are already having discussion internally about other, more specialized video for other departments!”

Seth Bailey, Recruit 121


“Thank you Dennis.  It has been a pleasure.”

Michael Koski, Get Bats Out


“I just wanted you to know that everyone who watched your video loves it! I just wanted to thank you again for the great work.  I'm referring folks to you all the time now... Let me know if you get in of my referrals, I'll be curious to know who follows through with the inquiry.”

Jacob Birmingham, KidsCork


“What talent your team put toward this. Words cannot express our appreciation for the quality of this video. We thank you!”

Julien and Alix, Funnybone Toys


“Thanks. Awesome job!!! We love it.”

Steve Truett, Dwyer Group


“We love it! Thanks”

Ray Engler, Nomad Tech Group


“Excellent Dennis, great work on a short time frame....

it really gets the message through....”

Musse Roble, Coin Fling


“I Love it  …  I Love It  … I LOVE IT!  It makes me feel excited about parking.”

Nick Taylor, Park-It


Everyone is loving the video.”

Doyle Heisler, iWanamaker


“Awesome video!  Great service. …let’s discuss our next video…” 

Matt Cottrell, 5 O’clock Records


“Great, wonderful, terrific...supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Stephen Kelley, Safety First Financial Planning


“Everyone likes!!! Great Job!!!!”

Frederick Knight, Minding Life


“I have been nothing but impressed by your professionalism and sense of urgency for this project. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

Dan Obregon, Hobsons


“Wow, that looks better than I could have imagined. This is absolutely excellent. I don't know what else to say. This is so great… Again, thank you for your diligent professionalism. I will not be shy about recommending your services in the future. You guys have outdone yourselves.”

Utak West, Higher Self Life


“Wow! I’m blown away.”

Tom Evslin, NG Advantage


“PERFECT!  Just as expected.”

Gary J. Teuber, Sr., G-Tekk


“This is really awesome.”

Dan Obregon, Hobsons


“This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. You had me in stitches (Coaches R Us!!)”

Sara Smith, Smith Leadership


 “I think it’s the centerpiece!

Ray Engler, Nomad Technical Group


Dennis - great! We are delighted with the finished product!

Sara Smith, Smith Leadership, LLC

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