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Targeting Multiple Markets

Case Study: Crosstown Engineering
3 Videos for 3 Audiences -

Ensuring your message resonates with potential customers - your target market - is important in any marketing or advertising effort. If you don't make a quick connection, prospects disappear. That's especially true online, where websites often get only a passing glance from visitors. If there's no connection - no "stickiness" - visitors move on.

But how do you appeal to more than one market? The logical solution is a different message for each market. That doesn't mean a complete - and expensive - overhaul for each target demographic. Your core message is often the same. Only the attractor, the part with specific appeal to a particular demographic, needs to change.

That's what we did for Crosstown Engineering when its owner asked us to create an online video explaining what it does: independent engineering assessments of structural foundation damage, a service it provides to property owners, property insurers, and real estate brokers. Three completely different markets.

Crosstown knew it needed a different appeal for each market, even though its core engineering message was always the same. Our solution: rather than create three completely different videos, we created three videos that were essentially identical, except for the opening appeal. That was different for each of Crosstown's markets. The tactic was far more cost efficient than creating three completely different videos, and far more effective for marketing. Bottom line: Crosstown saved money and got better results.

Each video targeting a different audience should reside on its own web page. If your website already has a page for each market, great! If not, create one. Then, drive visitors to that page with marketing and advertising messages that resonate with that specific audience. It's the best way to begin that all important connection that leads to relationships and sales. 

Watch one of the videos above, and the opening of two others, to see what we did for Crosstown. In this instance, Crosstown selected a whiteboard style of video. The strategy works with any style.


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