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Animated Color Explainer Videos
2 Convenient Price Points from Story Vision Video


2D Animated Color Explainer videos are full color and use animated characters to quickly convey your message in an engaging and memorable manner. At Story Vision Video, the real power is in our story-telling ability. We wrap your message in a story that that engages viewers on an emotional level first, to capture attention and increase your credibility through empathy with your sales prospects. Video also provides increased retention. Story Vision Videos turn skeptics into believers, prospects into customers!

Pick from two price points: $ Basic or $$ Hand Drawn.

Both offer turn-key production complete with scripting, narration, music and editing - everything you need!

$$ Classic Custom, Hand Drawn
One of a kind, customized to your exact specifications.

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$ Basic 2D Color Animation
Cost-efficient, stock imagery empowers your story.