Great marketing videos aren’t always made from brand new video fresh out of the camera. Often, they can just as easily be made from parts you already have at hand. It’s a bit like building a new car out of parts you found in the your garage. How cool is that?


Well – assuming they’re not junk parts, anyway.


Do you have any items in the list below?  Maybe they’re already in marketing, sales or catalog material. Or just gathering space on your hard drive.



Other brand graphics  

Photos or video of products

Photos or video of staff

Photo of your building

Videos you’ve done in the past

        New video you might quickly obtain - yourself!

You May Have All the Parts!

In the video above, our packaging client had us recycle some images from a previous video we’d done for them, plus some smart phone video they shot, then add some new drawings to create a quick new and highly effective video to introduce a new product line: corner board for protecting the corners of merchandise being shipped by pallet.

Story Vision Video provides kick-butt explainer videos for a variety of water technology companies. We produce exceptional whiteboard, cartoon, motion graphic and live explainer videos for water technology and other industries.
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