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You Probably Already Have What it Takes!

That is, you may already have all the parts…  for the video you need!

Great marketing videos aren’t always made from brand new (and expensive) video fresh out of the camera. They can just as easily be made from parts you already have at hand!

Logos – Graphics – Photos – Screenshots – Screen Casts – Slide Decks – PDFs – Blog Videos - Your Website!

All are perfectly usable items we can blend to create an effective video to market your business, even create a how-to or instructional video.   

Tell us what you have, what you need and what your budget is and we'll work to make it happen!

We’ve created videos with as little as a single logo. That’s the Service Power video below. We worked to develop a script, then added stock video and motion graphics from our in-house libraries.

You can even find an example of what we can do for less than $200 by scrolling down!

Example - Service Power
Example - Stamar Packaging

We’ve also created videos from gathered parts, such as the Stamar video. We recycled images from an older video, gave them tips on how to shoot some quick smartphone video, then we added some fresh cartoon drawings to quickly create a new and highly effective video to sell their product!

Example - Renewable Land

We’ve even helped clients spruce up their blog videos, for less than $200! We added titles and stock video to the Renewable Land blog video below.

Story Vision Video provides kick-butt explainer videos for businesses and non-profits. We produce exceptional whiteboard, whiteboard plus, cartoon, motion graphic and live explainer videos. We do all the heavy lifting, from concept through delivery. We even write your script for you!
And we're 100% USA-Made!
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