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Rapid Response

During a pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has not only been life-changing, it has changed the way almost all of us do business. Read what Mike McDougall, President, McDougall Communications says about our work:


"As COVID-19 continued its spread around the world, so did myths and misinformation—including contact lenses. As part of a consumer education program with the Centre for Ocular Research & Education (CORE), we turned to Story Vision to help translate tips for healthy contact lens wear into an engaging, sharable explainer video. Our team needed to move fast and with a high degree of quality. Dennis and team were up to the challenge and created content that is already gaining thousands of views."

Story Vision Video produced the script within a day, worked over a weekend to create the storyboard and had the first draft of the video ready a day after storyboard approval. Total production time including client approvals: 8 days.  View the video at The video was also translated into several languages. View here.

Need a Rapid Response Video? Call my cell: 414-405-8197.

Dennis Dean

Chief Creative Officer

Story Vision Video & Dean Group Media

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