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Down the Sales Funnel

What to do at Step Two
Getting a new prospect's interest isn't always easy. (That's what our explainer videos do.)  But once you have their interest, then what?

Your prospect is at the next level down in the sales funnel. How you respond now may be just as important as getting their attention in the first place. The prospect has qualified your product or service as a potential solution and wants to know more.  What to do?

Viking Masek in Wisconsin knew exactly what to do. They knew they needed a clear, consistent presentation of their Eight Point Partnership Process to help during the selling process of their automated packaging systems. It also had to explain and differentiate them from their competition. They determined an easy-to-watch video would work best, and asked Story Vision Video for assistance. We helped create an attention getting whiteboard to explain the Viking Masek process in a little over three minutes. That's an excellent length for anyone already interested in what you do.

The video has launched on YouTube and will be the focus of a campaign to be launched in the fall.

You can watch it now, here!
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