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Agencies Call Us for Video

Call for more information 888-999-3150

Videos on this page were created for agencies.

"Decision to Buy" was created for the agency's own use.

Our collaborative process with Cultivate Communications was simple:

1. We spoke by phone.
2. We reviewed their Power Point presentation.
3. We wrote a script.
4. We created their video.

Secret Sauce: "Decision to Buy" was created entirely from graphics we created, graphics from Cultivate Communications and our own stock video library. The video laser-focuses on a narrowly defined niche within the medical device industry: smaller producers who find it difficult to compete against the big name medical equipment giants. Did it work? We’ve already produced a video for one of the companies this video targeted.

Next, a high-energy look at State Line Foundries

The first movies were silent. Then came movies with powerful sound tracks… 

Your video should also be more than moving pictures.

If your video is just images, plus a bit of text now and then, your videos aren’t living up to their full potential.

It’s like running a racecar with half an engine. Why would you?

Properly narrated videos with a tightly written, powerful script plus dynamic music and natural sound are more impactful, more memorable and convert more often. They also present more information in a shorter time frame.

Yes, lately lots of people have the sound turned down on videos. Caption fix that. And can tempt viewers to turn the sound ON.

Let us create your video so it works with the sound ON or OFF!

"This is fantastic! Thank you for all the work you have put into this."

- Jesse Milks, President, State Line Foundries

Our Easy Process

We take the load off your shoulders while keeping you in the loop at each stage: 


You talk. We listen, gathering information as we go. About your objectives. Your target market. What keeps your customers up at night. Our brief questionnaire helps get to the heart of your story and the type of information we know we need to produce a great, effective video for you. We also provide creative ideas - the “hook” that catches viewer attention.



The script is the heart and soul of your video. It's where creativity comes to life. We write the script and send it back to you for approval. Next, we do a storyboard for whiteboard videos, and an art gallery for other video styles. You review and request revisions if needed. We work on it until you’re satisfied. We’re good. Most of our customers don’t need many revisions.



Your video! Here’s where it all comes together. Our narrator narrates and our editor edits, adding animation, music, sound effects and other nifty stuff until: Voilà! A masterpiece! Your masterpiece. 



Once your video is edited we put it online for you to review. We make revisions if needed, and done! Yes, we offer unlimited revisions. NO, you won’t need them. Unlimited revisions are typically offered by off-shore production houses to overcome communication issues We’re 100% made in America and don’t have this problem.  

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