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Trade Show Videos


That tradeshow is closer than you think!
Start planning now.

If there’s a trade show in your future – like the objects in your side view mirror – it’s closer than you think. Whether it’s live or virtual, a properly executed Trade Show Video is the best way to stop – inform – and convert – traffic at your booth.


Why video?  You only have a few seconds to grab a person’s attention. Maybe 5 seconds, 10 if you’re lucky. That’s the time it takes for someone to walk by your booth or jump to the next link at a virtual tradeshow.


On a large screen video stands out. On the most basic level it moves. It grabs the eye. It also informs, persuades and motivates. And it’s always there, even when your tradeshow team is busy talking with others.


 A few guidelines:


• Branded content with a distinctive brand color scheme

• Eye-catching visuals

• Readable text (from a distance) 

• Clearly states what you do

• Presents your solution to your client’s problem

• Captions for critical message points – also readable at a distance

• Built using the “nugget” scripting strategy: with items of value every few seconds.

• Works with the volume turned down

• Does NOT depend on audio – why compete with tradeshow noise?


Good tradeshow videos – like any other video - begin with a plan:


• What is its objective?

• Who will be watching?

• What do you want viewers to do when they finish watching?


Let your message dictate style. Videos come in lots of flavors: live action, whiteboard, 2D animation, motion graphics, 3-D. Your message and your audience should dictate the style you use, not the reverse. At Story Vision Video, we’ve created all of these styles and can help you determine which is best for your project. Look anywhere on our website.


Need a great tradeshow video? Here are four successful tradeshow videos to stimulate your imagination.


Connect with us to learn more – we’ll help you get the perfect video to accomplish your objectives.