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Which Whiteboard -
Cartoony? Or Technical?

The Whiteboard Dilemma
(not really)

It’s all about style....

Whiteboard videos can come in different styles. Some of our clients prefer the more traditional “cartoon” style that’s more loosely drawn, is more informal and has fewer details. Other clients prefer a more illustrative style - with greater accuracy of line, form and function.

What’s right for your company? Much depends on your message and audience.

“Cartoony” videos are usually lighter in mood and better for conveying emotion. More technical or illustrative videos are better at conveying technical information.

For example, if you’re manufacturing baby wipes, a softer approach with a bit of humor and an appeal to the Moms works well with a looser artistic style. Drawings of the wipes themselves simply don’t need a tightly-engineered approach.

A video about a more complex product - say, stem spacers for serious bicycling enthusiasts -  requires more accurate drawings for the clearest understanding of form and function.

If whiteboard won’t quite fit your needs, there are other options

Check out these examples below for a clear look at the differences in whiteboard styles, and more.


"Cartoony" Whiteboard: Rockline Baby Wipes

Illustrative Whiteboard: NVO Components Stem Spacer

Motion Graphic: Cornerstone Billing Solutions

For more complex topics or more sophisticated look.

Our Easy Process

We take the load off your shoulders while keeping you in the loop at each stage: 


You talk. We listen, gathering information as we go. About your objectives. Your target market. What keeps your customers up at night. Our brief questionnaire helps get to the heart of your story and the type of information we know we need to produce a great, effective video for you. We also provide creative ideas - the “hook” that catches viewer attention.



The script is the heart and soul of your video. It's where creativity comes to life. We write the script and send it back to you for approval. Next, we do a storyboard for whiteboard videos, and an art gallery for other video styles. You review and request revisions if needed. We work on it until you’re satisfied. We’re good. Most of our customers don’t need many revisions.



Your video! Here’s where it all comes together. Our narrator narrates and our editor edits, adding animation, music, sound effects and other nifty stuff until: Voilà! A masterpiece! Your masterpiece. 



Once your video is edited we put it online for you to review. We make revisions if needed, and done! Yes, we offer unlimited revisions. NO, you won’t need them. Unlimited revisions are typically offered by off-shore production houses to overcome communication issues We’re 100% made in America and don’t have this problem.  

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