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Video Ideas & the Sales Funnel

Want a successful video?
Design it with your audience and sales funnel in mind.
All customers go through a sales funnel or follow a sales path; either one you’ve designed or their own.

Videos can enhance each level of that sales funnel.

The most effective videos not only focus on the right audience, they also achieve their objective at a specific level of the sales funnel.

The typical funnel has four main stages or levels, and sometimes a fifth level.

1. Awareness  
2. Interest  
3. Consideration  
4. Decision
5. Loyalty  

Video is extremely effective at any level. Depending upon your business, a video at every level may not be needed.

Start with your objective: What do you want your video to do?

Increase brand recognition?
Explain a product or service?
Launch a new product?
Provide an overview of your company?
Offer a specific solution?
Something else?

Then ask, where does my objective fit into my sales funnel? Is this where I need a video?

Learn more and find proven ideas for a variety of marketing videos in our free booklet, Marketing Videos Greatest Hits, which you can download using the link below.

It's a handy cheat sheet for brainstorming and to help you determine videos that will improve your marketing and sales efforts in 2023.

Keep in mind, these are ideas only. You may want to combine characteristics of different videos to fit your specific purpose. Feel free to call me at 414-405-8197 to discuss, or email


Dennis Dean is Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Story Vision Video, as well as an Emmy-winning former journalist and public relations consultant with extensive experience in storytelling. He may be reached at, on his cell phone (414-405-8197) and, occasionally, by shouting.

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