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Professional Video Editing

Another headache (broccoli) off your plate!
If you’re editing video in-house and don’t have a team specifically dedicated to it, add Story Vision Video’s editing services to have it done fast and efficiently.

No project too small or too large. Send us whatever you have. We'll supplement with professional stock video, photography, music, graphics and our professional narrator.

Free Quote – Tell us what the job entails, how long the finished video should be, your editing ideas -  and we'll send you an estimate you can't refuse!

Check out the video we just completed for American Flags Express! 
Blog Video from Smartphone Video - The video above cost our client just $110. He sent us video he shot himself and we did the rest!
Client Assets: The client is a professional photo agency. We used their extensive collection of great sports photos to promote their sports business.
Our Stock Video: We work miracles. The video above is one in a series of five for investment firm MarketGuard™.
This client only had a logo and a script. We worked our magic with stock video and photos, sophisticated motion graphics, music and narration.
Ya gotta play it to believe it.
You may already have what it takes!
We'll blend your old or new video, photos, graphics, logos - anything digital - and, if you like, augment with materials from our own libraries or create something completely new -  just for you!
Tell Us What You Need...
Script Writing
Transitions & Special Effects
Speed Ramping & Slow Motion
Sound Effects
Sound Sweetening and Leveling
Animation including lip-sync audio of people and objects
Color Correction
Stock Photos
Stock Video  
Language Translations
Online reviews + revisions from rough cut to finished product.
Call or Text 414-405-8197
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