Professional Video Editing

You shoot. We do the rest.
If you haven't the time or inclination to edit your own videos, we'll do it for you. If needed, we can even provide you with quick tips on how to easily shoot your own video at no cost - with your smartphone - to get high quality video and audio. You shoot. We do the rest. The video below is an example how we helped a client start video blogging. Fast, efficient, effective! He shot his own video. We added titles, music, stock video, even captioning... important for viewers who don't turn up the sound.
We can work by the hour or quote you a price for the finished product.
From Simple to Complex - You Decide
Anything is possible, from as simple video blogs to complex corporate videos and motion graphic presentations. We can even provide easy tips on how to shoot great looking video and sound at no cost - with your smart phone!
We edited this blog from our client's smartphone video!
We created this commercial from our client's sports photos!
This client only had a logo. We added the rest!
We Can Work With Anything or Nothing!
We'll blend your video, photos, graphics, logos - anything digital - and, if you like, augment with materials from our own libraries or create something new -  just for you!
Tell Us What You Need...
Script Writing
Transitions & Special Effects
Speed Ramping & Slow Motion
Sound Effects
Sound Sweetening and Leveling
Animation including lip-sync audio of people and objects
Color Correction
Stock Photos
Stock Video  
Language Translations
Online reviews + revisions from rough cut to finished product.
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