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3 Essential Videos You Must Have

​Actually, there are 4
(The 4th is actually optional, if you don't do trade shows.)
Product or Service
Trade Show
Trade Show

With Video leading the way in online content and online marketing, we're often asked what kind of video  a business website should have.


Three videos are critical for answering questions about your business that are at the top of every potential customer's mind (in addition to price.)


In order, they are:


• Explainer Video

• Product and Service Videos

• Testimonial Videos

• Trade Show Video


OK. I guess that's really four. I added Trade Show video because they are important - if you do trade shows. 


Each serves a different purpose, and answers a different question.


Explainer Video: "What do you do and is it a fit for me?"

Product or Service: "This (product or service) might work. What else can you tell me about it?"


Testimonial: "What do your customers say about you?"

Trade Show Video: For (surprise!) Trade Shows.


All four videos work together to build and solidify the vital connection between you and anyone thinking of doing business with you.


Explainer Video - "What do you do?" The essential explanation of who you are and what you do. Simple. Engaging. Establishes trust and credibility. This video must connect with your viewer on an emotional level; you understand your viewer's problem and can help with a solution today. Your video must explain what you do but only in enough detail for the viewer to "get it." It's a very specialized type of introduction to your business or organization. It must end with a call to action that tells the viewer what to do next. Usually it's to "click or call" you, or watch a product or service video (below.)


Product and Service Videos - "Tell me more!" These videos go into greater detail about your solution. Simplicity and brevity are key, but this is where you are allowed to explain the "how" of a product or service, as well as features. Many viewers aren't quite ready for personal interaction, even after a successful explainer video, but they do want to know more.  Your product and service videos should satisfy that need.


Customer Testimonial Video- "What do others think about you?" You can only tell someone how great you are for so long. Then you need to step aside and let someone else do it. That's where customer testimonials are a must. Testimonials provide third party credibility you can't get anywhere else. Nothing draws new customers like seeing established customers who talk about their satisfaction.

Trade Show Video- Video can be a powerful traffic stopper at a trade show, when done the right way. Our high performance motion graphic videos mesmerize while putting critical, memorable bullet points in front of prospects. They rely on visuals alone since in most instances, you only have a few moments to capture attention, and you should not try to compete with the noise of most trade shows.


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