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What's in Stock?

The Beauty of Stock Video, Photos and Graphics:

• Cost less.

• Look great,

• Can be used alongside your own images.

• Can create a powerful sales video.

• And - you don't have to leave your home office!

• Did I mention? They also cost less!

Here are four great examples and what we used.

Read more by scrolling past these videos.

Stock Video, Photos and Graphics

ServicePower Field Software

Stock Video, Photos and Graphics
+ Recorded testimonials

Cornerstone Billing Solutions

Stock Video, Photos and Graphics

+ Client Smartphone Photos

Honeywell Multisite

Stock Video, Photos and Graphics

+ Client Staff Photos

Dairyland Electric Power Equipment

You can create a simple video yourself, using effective and inexpensive video from a variety of commercial sources that offer royalty-free stock video clips. “Royalty free” doesn’t mean they’re free – you’ll need to pay for them. But you only pay once and the clip is yours to use, within certain parameters. If you have the time to search for the right clip, stock video services are a bargain. You can find professionally shot video covering a variety of subjects. . Some services even have editing options you can use. They’re easy to find. Enter key words “stock video” or “stock photos” in any search engine.

But, “Hey,” you say, “they don’t have any shots of left-handed widgets!” True, but that’s what your phone is for. Still photos or video of your own products can easily be integrated into your project. Used properly – your phone can produce excellent quality photos and video.  Pay attention to composition, lighting (don't point the camera at a window) and use a tripod. It’s the single least-used and most-needed item that can will improve the quality of your images.

When creating your own video the key is integration – how are you using everything together to tell a complete story that explains your business or markets a product?

Just starting out? Keep it simple. Start with a simple plan. Let’s say you offer consulting services. It doesn’t matter for what. If your message is “Why go it alone?” you can easily pull one or more stock video clips of a person walking alone to show in your video as you narrate your message. Add on-screen text to emphasize key points and end with a clip of a person who has scaled the peak of a mountain, symbolizing success. Viola! You have a video that costs a handful of dollars in terms of materials, but makes a statement worth far more than that in terms of business.

Again – integration is key.  You’ve got to do it right. All the parts need to work as a cohesive unit. Your video can’t look like you just opened that gadget drawer you keep meaning to organize.

Also very important - wrap your marketing message inside a great story while you do all this and you’ll be on your way to success!


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