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Content Remains King on the Internet

Not every page on your website needs to sell your product or service, although it's great when they do.

Content that is on your site simply to educate and inform is helpful to both prospects and your search engine optimization. Informative articles give you credence and help position you as an expert in your field. Relevant content  - especially when it contains video - is smiled upon by the search engine gods. You will rise in the search engine rankings. 


Tri-City Retail Systems has a great example of this on its website. The video - created by Story Vision Video - explains how The Cloud operates. In doing so, the video also seeks to alleviate fears of some that having their business software and records on The Cloud may be dangerous. In fact, not having it on The Cloud can be an issue.

To view this video on the Tri-City Retail website, go to and
click on FEATURES in the navigation bar atop the home page.
Story Vision Video provides kick-butt video content for businesses and non-profits. We produce exceptional whiteboard, whiteboard plus, cartoon, motion graphic and live explainer videos. We do all the heavy lifting, from concept through delivery. We even write your script for you!
And we're 100% USA-Made!
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