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Avoiding Potholes in Video
and other Messaging
Potholes are annoying and distracting, not to mention damaging. You’re driving along and suddenly, Wham! Wham! There goes your suspension.
A midstream change of focus in your video is also damaging because it draws your viewer away from the central focus of your video. And anything - anything - that distracts viewers is to be avoided. In short, you don’t need to tell people how to build a clock to sell them on the merits of knowing what time it is.
I like to use the single thread analogy to test the path of a video. The video should take the viewer along a single thread of content. Sort of like a path from here to there. No knots. No frays. No snarls or tangles. No side roads. It should contain a single thread of continuity that holds the viewers’ undivided attention.
Keeping a single thread of continuity means limiting content. That’s hard to do because most of us want everyone to know everything there is to know about our business. We may think putting everything but the kitchen sink into our video provides a better chance something will resonate and generate a sale. But that’s actually counterproductive. Your best bet is to keep your video short and on-point is to limit it to three proven items:
Who is it for? (Audience: your prospective customer).
Why should they care? (Benefit).
What do I want them to do? (Call to Action – the viewer’s next step).
Below is just one example of a video that stays on-point, while still telling an engaging story about Harris Auto in Victoria, Canada. You'll find many more single focus videos throughout our website.
Have fun. Explore. Give us a call!  
Dennis Dean
Chief Creative Officer
Story Vision Video and Dean Group Media
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