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Best Practices -
Update Your Videos with Fresh Content

Does your video need updating?
Out-of-date videos can cost sales!
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Sometimes all it takes is a few simple revisions to update your video.


If you have any of these…


New logo or tagline

New company name

New products or services

Obsolete products or services

Change in business philosophy or model

New contact information


You need to update.

We’ve run into a few clients who’ve put off updating their video thinking it would cost as much – or more – than they originally paid for the video.


Not true.

At Story Vision Video we can update your video for the cost of editing, plus new art and voice over if needed.
We’ll tell you up front what the cost will be. To date, most of our whiteboards have been revised for $500 or less.

Here are a few more good reasons to keep your videos updated:


#1 Accuracy. Viewers want up-to-date information. You want accuracy and the confidence that your value offer is up-to-date.


#2 Content is king. New content on your website is good for SEO. (Like the new video on our home page). If you haven’t changed your video in awhile, the search engines know it. Multiple videos are even better.


#3 Sales. Updated videos sell more product, often because they include additional information, show off new product features, or have a fresher, more sophisticated look. Technology changes and the overall quality of the video gets better, which can be visible.


#4 Divide and Conquer. Consider multiple videos, especially if your old video is longer than you’d like it or if you offer several different products and services.  Short videos work better. Often, long videos can be divided into two or more shorter videos. Your gather more viewers when you give them a choice to watch only what they need to watch.  For more on the three videos you must have, click here.


#4 You care. Viewers need to know you care. Just like seeing dust on old merchandise in a retail store, if viewers see the same video on a page for too long they’ll not only walk past it, they may walk right out of your store (website)!



QUICK TIPS when Updating or Replacing a Video


Make noise! Let your customers and prospects know there’s an updated video to watch. Push it out in newsletters, on social media, even using Q codes on printed material. Put NEW VIDEO or a similar message next to the video on its webpage. Use it on your landing page when appropriate.

YouTube Upload your video to your YouTube channel. Open a channel if you don’t have one.  YouTube is the 2nd most used search engine on the planet, so why wouldn’t you use it. Using YouTube is not without some pitfalls, though, so check out our article on those, here.


Ready to update?  Call and let’s talk!  My cell - 414-405-8197

About Story Vision Video -

Story Vision Video is an explainer video production company and is a world leader whiteboard video producer. We specialize in 2D color cartoon video, whiteboard video and motion graphic video production.

To start your video call 888-999-3150, email or click the Get Started button below.

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