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Revealed! The Science behind

our Whiteboard Videos...

Story Vision Whiteboard Video Triggers Something in your Brain...

Here's what's happening when you - or your customers - watch our whiteboard videos.

If you're still trying to decide whether to invest in a whiteboard video to help market your company or promote an idea, I'm going to show you something really cool. The real reason why whiteboard style videos work better than other videos. And why Story Vision Video in particular works better.


And I'll back it up with science. 

It has to do with altering brain chemistry - and breakthrough research into some amazing things called “mirror neurons.” 

We know that when we perform an action of some kind, say throwing a baseball or painting a picture - little things called neurons fire in the front area of our brain - the pre-motor cortex. 

But neuroscientists at the University of Parma in Italy discovered something else. 

About 80% of the neurons that fire when we do something - also fire at the sight of someone else performing that action! They called those “mirror neurons.” 

Conventional videos don't do that. Power points sure as heck don't. 

Whiteboard videos - Story Vision Video whiteboard videos - hold viewer attention from start to finish.

That's not to say every video should be a whiteboard style video. That might get boring

But in the first few precious seconds you have to capture attention on your website, isn't it nice to know Story Vision can put your story into a whiteboard video that viewers will watch, react and respond to, even if they didn't draw it? 

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