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Best Practices

Top 10 questions to ask before starting your video.

You’ve thought about it.

You’re taking the jump.

You’re doing a video for your business!

Before you do anything else, develop a plan for your video.


Start with the questions below. The answers will save you time and headache later, and guide you in the right direction to produce a video that helps you accomplish your goals.

Answer these IMPORTANT 1st Step QUESTIONS before starting any video:

What do I want my video to accomplish?  

If you have several goals, consider creating several videos. The more you stuff into your video, the more likely viewers are to become confused. Videos work best when they are a single stream of thought.


Who will be watching my video?

Demographics are key. Your video is as much about the people you want to reach as it is about your business.


What do I want viewers to do after watching the video?

This will help you write the “call to action” that ends your video. The best videos tell people what to do next, even though you may think it should be obvious. 


Does my video fall into any of these categories?

  •  Explainer

  •  Product

  •  Testimonial    

  •  Trade Show

  •  Corporate

  •  Informational

  •  Expert Interview

  •  Case Study

  •  Personalized Message

  •  Event

  •  Demo

  •  Brand

  •  Animated

  •  Advertisement

  •  How-to

  •  Training


What style video is most effective for my message?*

The most common styles are:

  • “Live” video (Actually – recorded video with live people, places, things)

  • Animation & Motion Graphic 

  • Whiteboard


How long should my video be?

While "shorter is better" is true, here’s what you can expect to accomplish with different lengths of video:


  •  30 Seconds  - TV or Online ad.  

  •  60 Seconds – Great for the basics  

  •  90 Seconds - Enough time to weave a good story around the basics so you make a solid emotional connection with the viewer.  Without that, your marketing message will be far less effective, if its even viewed. 

  •  2 + Minutes - When you absolutely positively have to share additional information.


Where will I put my video?

  • Website

  • On-line, broadcast or cable    

  • Social media

  • Video platform (YouTube, Vimeo)


How am I planning to attract viewers?

  • Emails

  • Newsletters      

  • Social media

  • Online advertising


How will I produce this video?

  • Internal – I have people in my company who will produce

  • External – Hire a Professional


What’s my cost for this video?

  • Budgets vary all over the place. Generally, you get what you pay for. Look for experience and responsiveness.

  • Remember, even videos that are done internally have a cost in time and in-kind services.

About Story Vision Video -

Story Vision Video is an explainer video production company and is a world leader whiteboard video producer. We specialize in 2D color cartoon video, whiteboard video and motion graphic video production.

To start your video call 888-999-3150, email or click the Get Started button below.

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