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Best Practices - Safety & Informational Videos

Not every video is a marketing video!

And yet, you can use the same marketing video principles to create videos for other purposes: safety, information, instruction, information and general internal purposes.


That’s because no matter what the video is about, you want your viewer to buy – or buy into – something.


Too many non-marketing videos are boring videos. Trust me, if your video isn’t interesting, people won’t watch.


Non-marketing videos are effective only when relevant, easy-to-understand and convincing. They provide valuable information in an attractive, easily digested package.


On the other hand, videos based on power point presentations or recorded using screen capture software are deadly. How interesting can it be when you’re using software to record software?


While Death by Power Point is a recognized cause of death among many Medical Examiners, sadly, no laws exist against this felony.


Don't end up in video jail!


If you’re tasked with creating a video, no matter the topic, look for unique ways to make it interesting and relevant. If your viewers see themselves in your video, and your video solves their problem, your video is a hit!


Check out the examples below. If they don't stimulate your creativity, call me at 414-405-8197. Whether you have us produce your video or not, I’m happy to do some creative brainstorming with you and give you some solid ideas!


ComEd, the electric energy utility serving Chicago, needed a unique approach to explain their Close Call Good Catch program to employees. We used caricatures of employees with their actual voices to create an effective learning experience that was also very popular among ComEd employees.

Gas Technology Institute

Gas Technology of Des Plaines, Illinois needed to educate homeowners, plumbers and utility and construction field crews about cross bores (What the heck are those?) and the hazards associated with them. We created our unique, hand-drawn whiteboard approach to create an effective video for each audience. The video above is for homeowners.


Do you know what an SSD is? Chances are you have at least one. Clear, concise writing, expressive narration and eye-catching anthropomorphic characters blend to explain to the layperson what an SSD is all about.

Story Vision Video provides kick-butt explainer videos for businesses and non-profits. We produce exceptional whiteboard, whiteboard plus, cartoon, motion graphic and live explainer videos. We do all the heavy lifting, from concept through delivery. We even write your script for you! And we're 100% USA-Made!
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