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There's a HERO in every story. Who's in your story?


As a boy growing up in the Midwest I had lots of heroes. Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Superman, Batman and my dad.

Heroes attract positive attention. They appeal to the Walter Mitty in all of us. Not just as role models. Super heroes can also attract attention to your marketing efforts. Turn your product, service, even yourself into a super hero and provide prospects and clients with a unique, memorable and effective view of your offer, your story.

Think about this: there’s a hero in every story.

Who’s the hero in your B2B marketing message? It could be a person, but it can also be a product or service. Your story SHOULD have a hero - even if it doesn't wear a cape.

In any instance, the hero is whoever or whatever solves your customer’s problem with a workable solution. And that’s always a heroic moneymaker.

Check out the videos below to watch real-world super heroes!  THEN - click here to see Super Heroes that TALK BACK!