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Yup. Length Matters.

Here and now, we answer the age old question....

Here's even more information about why length definitely matters.

Shorter is better for business videos. Or - put your best foot forward first.

Despite the fact that it's tempting to always want to add more fact to your video, lengthening it, producers and clients who resist this urge will have a better shot at having more of their video watched.

Evidence of this truth comes from online video platform Wistia, which tracks millions of business videos yearly.

Wistia found its viewers watched 75% of business videos lasting a minute or less, and 68% of videos lasting one to two minutes. By three minutes average viewing was about 61%. By four minutes viewership had flattened at around 60%, There wasn't much difference in engagement for a 4-minute video compared to a 10-minute epic.

Does this mean every video should hit a hard stop at a minute? No. While viewership drops as length increases, that doesn't mean everyone stops watching.

Wistia confirmed something else we've known. Viewers decide very quickly whether to watch a video or move on, so it's critical that the most important information come sooner than later.

The trick is in understanding what's really important to the viewer.

At Story Vision Video we put the most important information about your story into the first 30 to 45 seconds. That's how long you really have to engage viewers; the point at which they decide whether to go, or stay.

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