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Best Practices – Selecting a Style for Your Video


Most of us know video is one of the most effective components of any marketing strategy. But clients are often in a conundrum about style.  Style is what the video looks like. Is it whiteboard, animation, “live” (conventional video), motion graphic, or - ?

One style is not necessarily better than another. To say so would be like saying cars are better than trucks. Chevys are better than Fords. Beer is better than wine. Sometimes. Not always. 

And style alone doesn’t make a successful video.  What makes a successful video is how you answer the questions that will get you to the style of your video.

What is your story?
Who is your audience?
What is your message?
What is your video’s main goal or objective?

Note I’ve put story first on the list. The story you tell should be your top priority. Your story determines everything else: how you engage your viewer; the mechanism you use to appeal to your viewer; and the all-important emotional connection you make with your viewer.

Once those questions are answered, you can select the style that’s most appropriate for the video you want us to produce. Here are some guidelines:


Whiteboard and 2D Animation videos are at educating and informing viewers. They’re perfect for explaining complex concepts and processes, excellent when “live” video is impractical, too time consuming or cost prohibitive. If your product or service isn’t tangible (such as software, consulting, etc.) then whiteboard (or 2D animation) may be an excellent choice. Whiteboard videos keep visuals simple and exact, eliminating distractions and the likelihood of misinterpretation. 

Whiteboard videos also have the advantage of being superior for learning. Scientific evidence shows watching the artist’s hand draw stimulates the brain’s motor neurons, increasing retention.

The simplicity of the drawing also proves easier to remember. We have several clients who come back to us repeatedly for whiteboard videos because they work. Whiteboard videos are easy on the budget and quicker than many other styles of video to produce. At Story Vision Video, whiteboard videos are hand-drawn specifically for the customer’s video.  View more Whiteboard videosView more 2D Animated Videos.


Motion Graphic videos have the advantage of facilitating more complex movement of graphics, more dynamic visual appeal and special effects. If your product or service is complex and abstract, the motion graphic video is the most versatile. Animated motion graphic videos are more expensive but still less than live video. View more Motion Graphic Videos.


Live action/mixed media (conventional video shot on-location or in-studio - often with other imagery added) is the only way to go when you absolutely must show real people, real places and real things. Read: authenticity. Live video can put a human face on your organization, show your company culture and build more personal relationships. Live action is also the best way to show off a product in all of its intricacies and detail with real world realism. Viewers see exactly what they are buying. Live action is also perfect for testimonial videos. Testimonials from actual customers give your organization 3rd party credibility you won’t find elsewhere. They also help to establish trust and a good reputation. Live action is usually more expensive than whiteboard and animated video. When photos and other visual elements are added,. live action may be described as "mixed media." View more Mixed Media videos.


The bottom line: My belief – based on years of experience – is that the most important component of your video is the story it tells. Wrap your marketing message in a convincing story that connects on an emotional level with viewers and you’ll be ahead of the game every time. Once you’ve developed a good story outline, you’ll have a much better idea of what style of video to use.

Need help developing your story - and picking a style for your video? We can help, and do the style you need!

Story Vision Video provides kick-butt video content for businesses and non-profits. We produce exceptional whiteboard, whiteboard plus, cartoon, motion graphic and live explainer videos. We do all the heavy lifting, from concept through delivery. We even write your script for you! And we're 100% USA-Made!
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