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Motion Graphic Video

What is motion graphic video

Motion Graphic Videos turn static graphics into moving graphics. We animate the same type of visuals you’ll see in an infographic, blending them with music, a compelling, narrated story and other features to make them far more interesting, memorable and effective than an infographic.

Motion graphic videos from Story Vision Video are excellent for explaining complex or abstract concepts. With a animated, live and whiteboard video we see people, places and objects. But what happens if we have only concepts to discuss? How do you see a concept? With motion graphics. If we can think it, we can depict it.

Motion graphic videos help organize facts and figures in a logical and intutive manner. We do this, then add audio, music and emotion to create a compact trove of information that viewers can easily digest and understand.

Motion graphic videos are also among the most flexible forms of video. At Story Vision Video, we can easily and seamlessly include other types of video in your motion graphic. That means we can use valuable archive video already in your possession. In fact, we can create a motion graphic video using only client-provided material, such as logos and photographs. You enventory your assets and provide us with the raw material to work with!