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Hand Drawn Whiteboard Video

What is whiteboard video?

Whiteboard videos use black and colored markers on a white background. But at Story Vision Video, our whiteboard videos are so much more. We put your whiteboard video on STEROIDS. And why not? You’re worth it!

How can we do it? Story Vision Video is America’s premiere whiteboard creator, with Emmy-winning experience and a history of satisfied clients. Most whiteboard videos use automated software programs clip art and overseas workers to provide a video that’s only so-so. We use our Emmy-winning experience and a team of talented Americans to create hand-crafted videos that will wow - Wow - WOW you! We begin with hand drawn images created specifically for your business or organization. Then, our editors take it to the next stage, adding animation and other effects to mesmerize viewers in your story, wrapped around your marketing or other message.

Our videos engage viewers on an emotional level first, capturing attention and increasing your credibility through empathy. We use narration and animated hand drawn images to craft a story that viewers remember and act on.