Unlimited Video Creation $999*/Month

Everything is included!
Questionnaire > Script Writing > Storyboard > Narration > Production > Video!
A Complete, Collaborative Process!
Subscribe for unlimited video creation and Story Vision Video will produce your videos from our stock characters and settings, live video from our stock video library or images and video that you provide.
*Just $1299 your 1st month and $999 each additional month. Finish one video. Start another!
NO monthly contract!
Whiteboard Video
2C Color Animation!
Our Stock Footage Library and our Client's Video
Client Graphics, Photos, Video, Stock Footage
How it Works!
1 - Pay $1299 for the 1st month and $999 for each subsequent month, auto-billed to your credit or debit card until you cancel. For each video, fill out our Story Vision Video Questionnaire and email it to us. We'll email you if we have any questions. You'll get your script back within 3-4 business days.
2 - If your script needs any revisions, just modify it and email it back to us!
3 - We'll create your storyboard or art gallery, then email it to you for review, revisions or approval.
4 - Narration. Our professional in-house narrator records the voice over that will make your sound track sizzle!
5 - Production. Here's where your video comes together with all the visuals, narration, licensed production music, effects, the works!
6 - Online Review. We'll send a link to you to review your video. Email any revisions.
7 - We'll complete your video and send you a link.
8 - Download! Your video is ready to be used!
9 - Start your next video!
Who Should Use?
Anyone who knows they will be doing several videos over a period of a few months or more, would benefit from fitting their expenditure into a fixed monthly budgeting cost, and likes our collaborative email process.

What You Get
Script writing – Storyboard – Narration – Music - Video
All videos are created from in-house stock libraries of characters, everyday objects and settings; stock footage, production music and voice-overs by our professional, in-house narrator. We can also incorporate any of your video, photos and graphics. Sorry, custom art cannot be included at these rock-bottom prices.

Why Wouldn’t You Use?
Use our traditional video services if you have extremely tight deadlines, need artwork of specific products, tools, machinery or other equipment, if you need complex editing, sophisticated motion graphics or require telephone or teleconference discussions of related to revisions of script, storyboard and video.

What’s Not Included?
Custom artwork. Our Classic Hand Drawn Story Vision Whiteboard and Custom Color Animations use artwork specifically created for your video.

Complex motion graphics and complicated layer builds, such as multiple videos playing in a single scene. These take more time and are best done using our regular service including an estimate with a fixed cost based on length, style and complexity.

What’s Required?
For each video you’ll need to fill out a Story Questionnaire, and email any revisions to the script, storyboard and video we send you to review. That’s it!

Sign Up Today!
With unlimited video creation for just $1299 for the 1st month, $999 for each subsequent month, you can have the video you need at the budget you’ve been looking for. Our collaborative process includes scripts, storyboards or art galleries, narration, production and downloadable videos to use any way you wish!

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