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Ask About Our $999 Starter Video Package
Our Proprietary 3-Step Process Makes Video Easy!

You talk. We listen, gathering information as we go. About your objectives. About your target market. What keeps your customers up at night?



The heart and soul of your video where our creativity comes to life. We write the script and send it back to you for revisions and approval. Next, we send your storyboard, art gallery or sneak preview.


Where it all comes together. Narration, music, sound effects, art, animation, live video and graphics are blended until Voilà! A masterpiece! We work on your video until it's exactly the way you want it!

Story Vision Video provides a faster, simpler, hassle-free way to make great animated and live videos. We specialize in B2B, offer turn-key video production, motion graphic animation, video editing, and can provide professional camera crews if needed. Our pricing is flexible. Our Emmy-winning work is top quality. Turn-around times are lightning-fast. Our collaborative production process is proven, fun and efficient. We do all the heavy lifting. Everything is proudly Made in the U.S.A.
Present Your Message Simply and Effectively
Make it memorable and motivating.

We create videos to help organizations accomplish their objectives. More than a video production house, we draw from years of experience in marketing, sales, public relations, crisis management and journalism.


Put Emmy-winning talent to work for you crafting a video that works.  

At Story Vision Video, we make video easy!


Animated Character

Popular. Creative. Compelling way to explain information in an entertaining fashion.



Our most popular. Crisp, clean, professional. Mesmerizing, hand drawn stories capture and hold attention, turning skeptics into believers, prospects into clients. If you can think it we can draw it!


Motion Graphic

Tame abstract or complex concepts with motion graphic videos. Our most flexible style. We can blend other styles of animation plus live video with motion graphics for an epic presentation!

Everything included. Made in America. Guaranteed.

Trusted by Companies like these . . . 


We don’t stop working until you’re 100% satisfied with your video. Guaranteed!  

Proudly Made in 

the USA

We're 100% USA-Made, not just USA-based, a term that often ends up meaning someone answering a US phone number, then transmitting instructions to an off shore production house.  

We Speak Business
Wide Industry Experience

We’re not just video. We understand business. Our videos help you accomplish your objectives, whether marketing, training, information, public relations or other messaging.  

We’ve produced thousands of stories over the years, in virtually every industry.  

Repeat Business

More than half our business is repeat and referral, for a lot of reasons but mostly, our videos work. And people like us. Really.

20 Reasons Why You'll Want to Hire Story Vision Video
Our Easy Process
We take the load off your shoulders while keeping you in the loop at each stage: 


You talk. We listen, gathering information as we go. About your objectives. Your target market. What keeps your customers up at night. Our brief questionnaire helps get to the heart of your story and the type of information we know we need to produce a great, effective video for you. We also provide creative ideas - the “hook” that catches viewer attention.



The script is the heart and soul of your video. It's where creativity comes to life. We write the script and send it back to you for approval. Next, we do a storyboard for whiteboard videos, and an art gallery for other video styles. You review and request revisions if needed. We work on it until you’re satisfied. We’re good. Most of our customers don’t need many revisions.



Your video! Here’s where it all comes together. Our narrator narrates and our editor edits, adding animation, music, sound effects and other nifty stuff until: Voilà! A masterpiece! Your masterpiece. 



Once your video is edited we put it online for you to review. We make revisions if needed, and done! Yes, we offer unlimited revisions. NO, you won’t need them. Unlimited revisions are typically offered by off-shore production houses to overcome communication issues We’re 100% made in America and don’t have this problem.  

The Story Vision Video Team
The Real Characters Behind Everything
Chief Creative Officer 
Fearless Leader  414-405-8197

Creator and Founder of Story Vision Video. 

When not creating, tries to find time to hike or fish. 

Whiteboard Artist 
Skateboard Master

Cartoonist Extraordinaire and our Go-To Whiteboard Guy

When not drawing likely to be skateboarding or being mistaken for Kramer on the TV show Seinfeld.

Cartoons & Caricatures

Puts the fun into funny.

“How come I can fully cook a roast but my ideas are always half-baked?”

Motion Graphic Master 
Video Production Oracle

Gabe is the creative energy behind many of our premium motion graphic videos. When not at his edit suite, Gabe may be found shooting video. No life!


We have no idea who this guy is, how he got here or why he misspells his name.

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