Whiteboard Styles

Which style is right for you?

Two Styles -
Classic Hand Drawn with Extra Color 
Our Flagship Classic Story Vision Video. Every scene is hand drawn, specifically for your message. Perfect for more complex scenes, a more customized look, or more color.
Enercon Industries
Basic Black and Whiteboard
A simpler style with greater economy of art, color and lower cost. 
What's a "Whatchum?"
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I promise you'll come away with good ideas and secure in the knowledge that if we help you tell your story, you'll be telling a great story that captures and holds attention, motivates and converts!

Dennis Dean
Chief Creative Officer
Story Vision Video
PS - Every video comes with:
• Our Amazing Customer Service
• Information Gathering - you talk, we listen! We also have a helpful questionnaire.
• Creative Brainstorming, Client Conferences & Ideas
• Script writing and revisions or script consulting
• Storyboard  
• Narration by Our Highly Trained Professional Narrator Dude (heard on most Story Vision Videos)
• Background Music & Sound Effects  
• Video Production and Editing
• Online Video Reviews
• Revisions
• Downloadable Digital Video in High Definition (1080p MPEG4)
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