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Story Vision Video simplifies the complex with kick-butt explainer videos for a variety of industries. We produce exceptional whiteboard, cartoon, motion graphic and live explainer videos to help you accomplish your objectives.
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It may be a virtual world out there, but business is moving faster than ever. That includes hitting tight deadlines for virtual trade shows – and just plain beating your competition.  


When WEM Automation suddenly found itself needing gang buster marketing tools now to market a new software product, they turned again to Story Vision Video.


They’d loved our classic whiteboard videos for their Asphalt, Analytics and FeedTrack products in the past.


Now we worked with WEM management, marketing and sales to determine this was a story that needed clear, concise visual elements to quickly illustrate WEM's amazing advances in Feed Mill Control System Security. 


We designed an iconic motion graphic story that explained their product's essential solutions in about a minute and a half, all while integrating WEM graphics and branding. 


Four weeks from 1st phone call to delivery. Another win for Story Vision Video and WEM Automation Systems. 


Watch it above, at this year’s International Production & Processing Expo, or on the WEM Automation website.

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