Data anonymization to protect privacy, grow business

Staying relevant in today’s competitive business environment means more than selling product. You must stay timely by publishing relevant industry information – including brief videos - on your website. That’s how Truata stays ahead of the curve, with 3 videos like this, created by Story Vision Video.

Unlocking Business Growth with Data Anonymization

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Truata's David Milson says “The Insights section of the Truata website is the knowledge centre of the site. It is the hub for articles from our subject matter experts and the go-to location for visitors who are looking to learn more about the work we do, it’s applications and the business value our solution delivers.”

Truata’s solution is data anonymization, helping its clients unlock business growth from data while protecting sensitive personal information.

How are the videos being received? Milson says the videos are "Getting lots of positive feedback from the team here and from our sales channels and partners which is great."

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