Big Data - the Digital Future

FUTURE CITIES - How big data utilization can provide guidance on priorities and programs to create a city of the future.

DISCOVERY - ANALYTICS - Financial Institutions, Healthcare Companies and others generate millions of unstructured communications every day, subject to rigid regulations requiring strict compliance. EMC provides a scalable, risk-based surveillance and monitoring solution for financial services communications: EMC eDiscovery and Regulatory Analytics, or eDRA.

PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE - Crystal balls can’t really predict the future or help you make smart business decisions. But EMC Predictive Maintenance can. With better machine history data, users can take actions to avoid issues and prevent failures, which increases uptime, produces shorter service windows and longer production windows.

SECURITY - In an ever-changing Internet and IT world, old security methods just won’t cut it.

Here's why: Privileged account holders are the targets of attackers. Both criminals and state actors are looking to gain access to valuable data assets. EMC has responded to this complex threat with the data science solutions of Federation Security Analytics, enabling organizations to rapidly detect and respond to threats.

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