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Whiteboard Styles

Which style is right for you?

Classic Hand Drawn Whiteboard in TWO Styles
Our Flagship Classic Story Vision Video in a "cartoony" or more technical art style.
Every scene is hand drawn, specifically for your message.
Call to discuss which style is right for you!
Our Flagship Classic Story Vision Video. Every scene is hand drawn, specifically for your message. Perfect for more complex scenes, a more customized look, or more color.
More "Cartoony"Art Style
More Technical Art Style
Call my cell to discuss what works best for your story!
414-405-8197 or 888-999-310
I promise you'll come away with good ideas and secure in the knowledge that if we help you tell your story, you'll be telling a great story that captures and holds attention, motivates and converts!

Dennis Dean
Chief Creative Officer
Story Vision Video
PS - Every video comes with:
• Our Amazing Customer Service
• Information Gathering - you talk, we listen! We also have a helpful questionnaire.
• Creative Brainstorming, Client Conferences & Ideas
• Script writing and revisions or script consulting
• Storyboard  
• Narration by Our Highly Trained Professional Narrator Dude (heard on most Story Vision Videos)
• Background Music & Sound Effects  
• Video Production and Editing
• Online Video Reviews
• Revisions
• Downloadable Digital Video in High Definition (1080p MPEG4)
Call 414-405-8197 or hit the Request Pricing button below!
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