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2020 Ballpark PRICING

Classic Hand Drawn

Whiteboard Video

Up to 1 minute        $1699
Up to 2 minutes      $2499         
Ad'l minutes @        $  900


At Story Vision Video, we put whiteboard on STEROIDS. We’re America’s premiere whiteboard creator, with Emmy-winning experience and a history of satisfied clients. Don’t settle for automated software programs, clip art and offshore workers for your video. Our videos are hand-drawn, made in the USA. Let us craft a story your viewers will act on.


ScitoVation - Smarter Cosmetics


Animated Stock Character Videos

Up to 1 minute        $1699

Up to 2 minutes      $2499

Ad'l minutes @        $  900

The real power of an animated character video comes from Story Vision Video's story-telling ability. We wrap your marketing or other message in a story that that engages viewers on an emotional level first, to capture attention and increase your credibility through empathy. Stock art helps keep your cos down. Need custom art? See below.


Lob & Learn for Kids


Animated Custom Character Videos

Up to 1 minute        $2499
Up to 2 minutes      $3399         
Ad'l minutes @        $1299


Custom animated character and art work provides your product to viewers in a virtual environment. We use the same great storytelling ability to get your message across in a way that captures attention, turns skeptics into believers, prospects into customers!  Perfect when stock art simply isn’t quite enough.


FLIR Insight


Motion Graphic

Tier 1

Up to 1 minute        $2499  
Ad'l minutes @        $1299


Motion graphic videos are among the most flexible forms of video. At Story Vision Video, we can easily and seamlessly include other types of video, photos and other graphics in your motion graphic. That means we can use valuable archive video already in your possession. In fact, we can create a motion graphic video using only client-provided material, such as logos and photographs. You inventory your assets and provide us with the raw material to work with!


Winegard RV Tradeshow Video


Premium Motion Graphic

Tier 2

Up to 1 minute  from       $3499
Ad'l minutes @  from       $1999


Motion graphic videos from Story Vision Video are perfect for explaining complex or abstract concepts. With animated, live and whiteboard video we see people, places and objects. But what happens if we have only concepts to discuss? How do you see a concept? With motion graphics, if we can think it, we can visualize it. 




Call today to discuss your project!   888-999-3150


Pricing is for single-client projects where we work directly with the end-user.

Agency, 3rd party and similar providers should contact us with specifics for an estimate and scope of work.

We work by credit card. We will charge one-half the estimated cost to your card to begin your project and we will charge the balance when edited. We take all major cards (AMEX, VISA, MC, DISC). We have also been known to accept cash, checks from really large businesses and Krugerrands in a brown paper bag discreetly left at our doorway.

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