Our Explainer Video Process

Enjoy the explainer video above or read about our process below - or both! Some steps might not apply to your project if, for example, you're writing your own script. Otherwise – this is what happens!

We do the heavy lifting, but stay in touch with you every step of the way - so you know what's happening and can request changes before we get too deeply into the next stage. Our process is designed to push revisions upstream to the concept, scripting and storyboard stage, where they are easy and more efficiently made.

Here's how it all begins . . .

We start by sending you a questionnaire to fill out that gives us essential information about your goals and objectives for this video.

We expand on your answers to the questionnaire during discussions, by phone or by Skype, where we learn more about you, your business or organization, and what needs to go into your video

During our discussions we’ll provide some creative ideas  - the creative “hook” that catches viewer attention – as well as discuss our ideas for both the visual and narrative content. This tells you whether we're all on the same page about the concept for the video and its direction. Next, we write the script.

The script is the heart and soul of your video. We write the script and send it back to you for approval. At this point, the script includes the narration in the right hand column of the page, and a written description of what you'll see in the video in the left hand column. We work on the script with you until it's the way you want it. Next, we do the storyboard.

Storyboards are similar to scripts but include rough drawings of each completed scene, alongside the narration. The sketch provides information about the essential elements in the scene, their placement, “camera” point-of-view and overall perspective. It’s an opportunity for you to make sure everything is correct, or ask for revisions. Next – we create  your video!

Once you've approved the script and storyboard, we create the video itself: your custom Story Vision Video!  Our artist draws, our narrator narrates, we record, then edit.  When we're done, we put the video online for your review. If revisions are needed, we make them!

Beyond our process

You receive a full HD, MPEG4 video (1080 x 1920 pixels).

We ask for 1/2 down to initiate a project with the balance due upon completion. We accept major credit cards for payment.

We provide 30 days FREE hosting of your video on our streaming server. Our hosting automatically detects the type of device your viewer is using and the available bandwidth, then serves up the right format video and the optimum side for that particular bandwidth. Also compatible with virtually every device: laptops, desktops, iPhones, Androids, iPads and other tablets. 

If you're thinking of using YouTube or other social media sites to host your video because they're free, read this article first.

Why do a whole new video just because you made a small change in your business? We keep all Story Vision Video projects in an “edit-ready” state for at least three years, usually a lot longer, and can make the updates you need quickly for a small fee.

We work by credit card. We will charge one-half the estimated cost to your card to begin your project and we will charge the balance at completion. We take all major cards (AMEX, VISA, MC, DISC).

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